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0004515SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2018-07-19 15:35
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Platform[Server] LinuxOSUbuntuOS Version16.04 LTS
Product Version4.0.0 
Summary0004515: Copied/pasted repetitive events in Thunderbird causes issues (X-MOZ-FAKED-MASTER)
  • A repetitive event is copied/pasted in Thunderbird, then this new event is modified from SOGO web calendar in diferent manners (weekly schedulling, changing title, etc..).

After this modifications the pasted event is not displayed in the same way in Thunderbird and web calendar.
I've attached another event which causes issues, file "event.different.visualization.web.thunderbird-example.ics", in this case one ocurrence is not visualizated in Thunderbird.

  • One user had a repetitive event with 2 attendees, she did some modifications using Thunderbird, then one occurrence, 26th July at 11:00, wasn't displayed in web SOGo interface.

In this case, the copy/paste event created thru Thunderbird, after being modified added and extra event which includes tag X-MOZ-FAKED-MASTER. The solution in this case: remove the added event with this tag X-MOZ-FAKED-MASTER.

I've attached the event which caused this issue, file "event.different.visualization.web.thunderbird-26th.july.ics"

It seems X-MOZ-FAKED-MASTER attribute causes a lot of problems.

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2018-07-19 15:35


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