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0004496SOGowith SOGopublic2018-06-29 13:12
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Summary0004496: Cannot edit commonjs - Tried changing the backgorund color pallete but did not work

Hi everyone,

I tried editing the background color by changing the color in commonjs file with my intended color, then restarted sogo but it did not work.My intension is to change the gray backgorund color with a specific gary color. My custom gray color background color in the web interface did not change.

I realized that the commonjs did not even execute at all. Changes in common js actually did not have any effect.

How can i customize the colors in commonjs file. Even better how to change background color in the sogo web interface. I am trying to change the gray background with a different gray color code.

Thanks for your assistance

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2018-06-29 10:39

administrator   ~0012932

Please refer to this section of the developer's guide:



2018-06-29 11:32

reporter   ~0012933

I have copied this exact line

SOGoUIAdditionalJSFiles = (js/theme.js);

into /etc/sogo/sogo.conf. Then restarted sogo.

I was expecting the 'theme.js' file to automatically appear in this location
: /usr/lib/GNUstep/SOGo/WebServerResources/js

but it did not. So i guess, i have to manually create the 'theme.js' file.

The next problem is how to go about editing the 'theme.js' file.

Is there any instruction on how to do it ?



2018-06-29 12:25

administrator   ~0012934

Have you installed packages? On which distro are you?

The file should be bundled in all packages.




2018-06-29 13:12

reporter   ~0012935

But is there a particular line where i am supposed to place this code
" SOGoUIAdditionalJSFiles = (js/theme.js); "

in "/etc/sogo/sogo.conf " ?

I placed it right under the web interface section. Just exactly like this;

/ Web Interface /
SOGoUIAdditionalJSFiles = (js/theme.js);

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