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Summary0004489: A filter with reject action doesnt' work if it contains other delivery message actions

If a user create a new filter that contains reject action and other delivery mail actions (keep, redirect, fileinto), then the filter doesn't work, because sieve server (Cyrus server) doesn't allow this kind of rules

The user thinks filter rules are ok because no message error appears when they are saved.
It would be interesting to not allow to save this kind of reject filters and return a message error.

An extract of RFC Sieve Email Filtering: Reject and Extended Reject Extensions
Making "reject" compatible with actions that cause mail delivery
violates the RFC 5321 [SMTP] principle that a message is either
delivered or bounced back to the sender. So bouncing a message back
(rejecting) and delivering it will make the sender believe that the
message was not delivered.

Cyrus and Dovecot servers always return errors when a sieve filter contains a reject action and delivery actions (keep, redirect, fileinto) because they follow this RFC rules.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. UserA creates a new filter

  2. add Reject action

  3. add Move message to folder X action

  4. save filters configuration (no error message appears)

  5. UserB sends an email to UserA

  6. UserB message goes to UserA inbox, it's not moved to folder X

Additional Information

Sieve servers: Cyrus 2.4.17 and Cyrus 2.3.16

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2019-05-10 14:53

reporter   ~0013568

This issue still appears, it's not solved.

Cyrus server logs still shows error messages like this:

May 10 16:48:34 nobel1 cyrus/lmtpunix[3873]: sieve runtime error for user^onea id <>: Fileinto can not be used with Reject

when a mailbox has a filter like this one:

require ["reject","fileinto"];
if allof (header :contains "subject" "this is spam") {
reject "rejected message";
fileinto "Spam";

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