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0004480SOGoWeb Mailpublic2018-06-08 16:12
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Platform[Server] LinuxOSUbuntuOS Version16.04 LTS
Product Version4.0.0 
Summary0004480: Asking for new feature: a button to expand message list to full window

My users are complaining about web mail interface:

  • They cannot resize or relocate views

  • Long subjects are truncated in "messages list" view:
    Users are forced to select message to read the full subject.

  • "Messages List" view displays few info (a message needs two rows: From address + Subject):
    It's perfect for mobile devices, but for a desktop PC it shows few information.

I don't know how difficult can be to modify those web views to achive my users requirements, they are designed to be useful for mobile devices too.

At least I'd like to suggest to modify the "Message" view in order add a new button to let "Messages list" view to be expanded (it would hide "Message reading" view).

If you would be able to show a message per line (now a message needs two lines) on the expanded view, perfect, if you wouldn't, at least the long message subject could be more easily readed.

Additional Information

Sogo Webmail interface are divided in 2 columns:

  • "Folders" view => it can be hidden if "Messages" view is expanded
  • "Messages" view => it can be expanded

and "Messages" view is divided in other 2 colums:

  • "Messages list" view => it cannot be expanded, it can be hidden by "message reading" view expansion.
  • "Message reading" view => it can be expanded , but not hidden

Suggestion: Add a button to expand "Messages list" view

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