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Summary0004447: Feature to prevent ID 4425

Tried latest Apple Calendar Server solution and found that they use a proxy mail account for invites and responses.
This works quite well and avoids the problem that i outlined in ticket 0004425.
In Apples Calender Server one configures a global mail account for the server as well as mail-addresses for the users.
when now some user sets up a calDAV account in iCal with the Apple Calender Server and creates a first appointment with members,
the invite is sent via the global mail account and responses to this appointment are returned to this global account.
So all parsing is done serverside and any status of members is directly rendered within the appointment.

I tried to call Apple for the problem that parsing ICS-attachments via mail does not work as intended but surely they said it's a
third party problem...

It would be convinient to have such a feature in SOGo as well

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related to 0004425 closedludovic Apple Calendar does not parse responses to an invitation 


2018-04-13 11:49

reporter   ~0012836

Ok, that feature seems to be iMIP. And SOGo already has that capability, at least this is what i read in:
"SOGo is standard-compliant. It supports CalDAV, CardDAV, GroupDAV, iMIP and iTIP and reuses existing IMAP, SMTP and database servers"
But how is iMIP implemented specifically in SOGo when using calDAV on macos?
And how can iPhones benefit from iTIP (looks like they do not support iMIP on iOS)?

I am just asking because i cannot get Apple Calender and iPhones work with invitation responses...

2018-04-16 09:23

reporter   ~0012847

this is how calendarserver does it:

2018-05-25 14:26

reporter   ~0012887

dear inverse,

is there anything we can do to get this feature implemented (apart from coding as we dont have objective-c people here)?
Or is it a feature that does not make sense?


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