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0004256SOGosogo-toolpublic2018-04-27 16:37
Reporterzhb Assigned Tofrancis  
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Fixed in Version4.0.1 
Summary0004256: sogo-tool (SOGo-3.2.10) cannot fully restore backup generated by SOGo-2.3.22

I was trying to migrate SOGo-2.2.15 to the latest 3.2.10, here's what i did and the result (cannot restore shared calendars)

This is what i did, it’s fully working with SOGo-2.3.22 (the latest 2.x), but NOT fully working with SOGo-3.2.10:

1) OLD server is running SOGo-2.2.15. Take backup with 'sogo-tool backup’.
2) Setup a new (1st) VM with SOGo-2.3.22 (latest nightly build), drop sogo database, re-create the database and restart SOGo. SOGo creates required SQL tables automatically. Note: since it’s already 2.3.x with new SQL structure, i didn’t run the database script "”.
3) Restore SOGo backup data (toke on step 1) with ‘sogo-tool restore’. Everything is fine, personal calendars/contacts and shared calendars are all present.
4) Now take a backup on this new (1st) VM with "sogo-tool backup" (note: it's SOGo-2.3.22).
5) Setup 2nd VM with SOGO-3.2.10 (latest nightly build), drop sogo database, re-create the database and restart SOGo. SOGo creates required SQL tables automatically. Restore the backup token on 1st VM (step 4, SOGo-2.3.22) with ’sogo-tool restore'. Personal calendars/contacts are all present, but NO shared calendars.

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has duplicate 0004385 resolvedfrancis Sogo-tool deletes sogo_acl table when it restores folders from a user backup 




2017-09-04 13:12

reporter   ~0012254

I have also noticed this issue.

I also noticed that restoring an user on the same server with SOGo 3.2.10 does not restore ACL neither. So I think this is due to a bug of sogo-tool in the last version and it not due to an incompatibility between v2 and v3.



2017-12-23 16:01

reporter   ~0012487

me too(tm):
2.2.17 backup, 3.2.10 restore, acl{} of folders is not imported.

(For me the severity is more than "minor", it keeps me from migrating a group with complex shares...)



2018-01-09 10:43

reporter   ~0012497

Any news regarding this issue?
We have the same problem.



2018-01-12 14:02

administrator   ~0012503

To restore the preferences, you must call sogo-tool a second time with the "-p" argument:

sogo-tool restore -p <directory> <user>



2018-02-04 18:48

reporter   ~0012552

Last edited: 2018-02-04 19:01

It seems "-p" argument is not working as expected on SOGo 3.2.10.

My SOGO 3.2.10 server is configured to create total of nine database tables - and prevent SOGo from creating three database tables per collection.

After restore an user from a sogo-tool backup the acl permissions are all missing.

The user had shared their calendars and addressbooks to other users giving them modify permissions.

I've executed these commands:

sogo-tool backup folder-1 user

sogo-tool remove user

sogo-tool restore -f ALL folder-1 user
sogo-tool restore -p folder-1 user

  • At this point no ACLs are restored on user.
    It's easy to check that, make a new sogo-tool user backup an run a diff command:

sogo-tool backup folder-2 user

diff folder-1/user folder-2/user
==> only acl permissions are missing



2018-02-07 16:50

administrator   ~0012583

Is the destination server running a 9-table (combined tables) model?



2018-02-07 17:09

reporter   ~0012584

Yes, my destination server is running a 9-table (combined tables) on SOGo 3.2.10.

I've noticed that sogo-tool deletes sogo_acl table when it tries to restore folders. So this issue is worst than expected. I've opened another bug "[SOGo 0004390]" about that.

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(sogo-tool) Fix ACLs restore in single store mode

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