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0003209SOGoWeb Preferencespublic2018-11-24 13:00
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Platform[Server] LinuxOSDebianOS Version8 (Jessie)
Product Version2.2.17 
Summary0003209: Skip ManageSieve sync if user has not modified filter Preferences

While some users will appreciate the built-in SOGo Sieve filter editor, some users may need more powerful expressions (e.g. regex variable substitution for automatic filing of mailing list email into sub-folders). Unfortunately SOGo's Sieve support does not co-exist with personal sieve scripts either created by external tools or hand written by the user or administrator. Any time a user with non-SOGo-managed sieve scripts enters the Preferences pop-up and clicks "Save and Close", their personal scripts are deactivated.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start with no filters enabled in SOGo for your account, e.g. "sogo-tool user-preferences unset defaults gturner -p auth-master SOGoSieveFilters".

  2. Configure your account's sieve scripts using a separate tool, such as Thunderbird Sieve plugin, or any other ManageSieve client, or manually editing files on the sieve server. The active script should be named something other than "sogo".

  3. Open Preferences pop-up in SOGo.

  4. Leave Filters under Mail Options empty.

  5. Click "Save and Close".

  6. Check your sieve filters - SOGo has deactivated your filters.

Additional Information

I've tried disabling sieve support on a per-user basis, e.g.:

 sogo-tool user-preferences set settings gturner SOGoSieveScriptsEnabled '{"SOGoSieveScriptsEnabled": "NO"}'

sogo-tool user-preferences set defaults gturner SOGoSieveScriptsEnabled '{"SOGoSieveScriptsEnabled": "NO"}'

However that does not have any effect.

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related to 0001392 resolvedludovic Patch: Inclusion/Embedding of server-side sieve scripts into standard sogo-script 




2018-10-24 11:19

reporter   ~0013138

I am also victim of this. It is not often I edit preferences, but every single time I have to reupload my sieve scripts. It'd be great if I didn't have to.



2018-11-24 13:00

reporter   ~0013194

I agree, this is annoying, can we please disable saving sieve when filters have not been modified.

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