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Summary0002488: ability to pass to sogod the config file

should be interesting to have the ability to pass the config file with a parameter to set different instances of sogo with another config file.

Example :
have a sogod to handle internal connection on an interface
and another to handle external connections on an other interface

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2018-07-10 09:39

reporter   ~0012946

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Update 2018 : it would indeed be great, right now /etc/sogo/sogo.conf is hardcoded in SOGoSystemDefaults.m.

See :

Load settings from configuration files and

  • enforce the following order of precedence.
  • First match wins
    1. Command line arguments
    1. .GNUstepDefaults
    1. /etc/sogo/{debconf,sogo}.conf
    1. SOGoDefaults.plist

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