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0001398SOGoBackend Mailpublic2018-10-05 16:10
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Product Version1.3.8 
Summary0001398: Sieve filter keeps message twice when forward keep is on

I have setup a sieve filter through the webmail preference page that moves messages matching a specific subject to an other folder. This works fine until forward and keep is set to on.
Since I want to keep copies of the message I receive I also set keep to on. When I do this I suddenly have 3 copies of the message:

  • One in the mailbox of the address to forward to, which is correct.
  • One in the folder I specified in the move sieve filter. This is correct.
  • One in the Inbox. This is not correct.

In this case it works as expected when I turn of the "keep" option on forward. But then it doesn't keep any of the other messages.

I am not sure if this is a shortcomming in sieve, however I would describe this as follows: In the sieve filter keep should only be executed when a message does not match any of the fileinto filters.

Additional Information

This is the sieve file it generates:

require ["fileinto"];
redirect "";
if anyof (header :contains "subject" "Svn Commit") {
fileinto "Folder";

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2015-03-25 14:01

reporter   ~0008359

I'm suffering from this, too



2015-05-25 22:01

reporter   ~0008537

keeping on a forward, should use the copy sieve extension.

require ["fileinto","copy"]
redirect :copy "";

Right now this is a HUGE deficiency in SOGo's filter system, as we are having a great difficulty duplicating rules we had in roundcube in SOGo. We have some rules that were forwarding to several different accounts.. so previously we had (from roundcube)

redirect :copy "";
redirect :copy "";

now SOGo is generating

redirect "";
redirect "";

OR with fileinto

fileinto :copy "Folder1"
fileinto "Dispatched"

which sends a copy folder 1, and files it into dispatched, leaving nothing in the inbox.

Basically there should a per action option to apply it to a "copy" or the original message.



2015-05-25 22:05

reporter   ~0008538

also, the "keep a copy" on the forward dialog should instead use redirect :copy instead of plain redirect and NOT use the keep; statement.



2018-10-01 13:34

reporter   ~0013070

Fast-forward seven years, this bug still persists also in latest SOGo 4.0.2...



2018-10-05 16:10

administrator   ~0013083

Set the last action of your filter to "Stop processing filter rules".

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