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0001313SOGoWeb Generalpublic2011-05-23 08:05
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Product Version1.3.6 
Summary0001313: Sogo has no authentication method common with Thunderbird other than plain text

As specified above.
I am using Sogo 1.3.6 along with Dovecot IMAP and Thunderbird 3.1. i have configured authentication using mysql. For the current configuration, the imap is configured to use MD5 authentication method, this mechanism is also supported by sogo but thunderbird does not support md5, so it is left out. Thunderbird supports CRAM-MD5(apparently) but sogo does not. So if i choose a authentication method common for thunderbird and imap it leaves out sogo and if i choose one common in sogo and imap it leaves out thunderbird. The only authentication common in between sogo,imap and thunderbird is plain-text which is ,needless to say, unsecure. So please add support for some more authentication methods in sogo. Also if this problem is trivial and there exist a way around. Please help me out.

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Ubuntu 10.04
Sogo 1.3.6
Thunderbird 3.1
MySql 5.1
Dovecot IMAP

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