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0001193SOGo ConnectorGUIpublic2011-04-11 19:44
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Product Version3.104 
Summary0001193: [the addressbook flags ADD|VIEW|CHANGE|DELETE are not working like expected]

i installed the latest ZEG for testing the addressbook with thunderbird + add-on.
with the sogo2 account 16 address-books were created - all the permutations of ADD|VIEW|CHANGE|DELETE - and then tested against thunderbird. the DELETE flag was the only one which worked liked expected, all the others were - hmm - arbitrary.

in the calc-sheet you find the details of the test.

thanx for the good work on sogo.


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2011-03-17 20:41


addressbooktest.ods (9,222 bytes)


2011-03-17 20:46

reporter   ~0002270

ah, forgot one line:
the addressbooks were created and then shared with the sogo1 user + the 16 AVCD permissions.



2011-04-11 19:44

reporter   ~0002368

the problem seems to be that the permissions are checked online in the webinterface but not in the 'offline/synchronized' thunderbird.

in thunderbird you can see contacts where you don't have view permissions, you can add contacts where you have no add permission (which are not synchronized, but still in the addressbook)

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