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0001073SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2011-02-22 10:06
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Product Version1.3.4 
Summary0001073: When searching for users in calendars, it should be possible to show all users by default

My users have a problem when they try to subscribe to other users calendars - they cannot find the users because you have to search for the users.

What would be very usefull would be that the search interface by default listed all users instead of none. This would increase usability a lot.

It should probably be possible to turn off this functionality for large installations.

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2011-01-13 08:22

reporter   ~0002014

If you put "." in the search box, you can see all users.



2011-02-22 10:06

reporter   ~0002145

I think that list first 100 users for small installation is the best solution.
This would increase usability a lot

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