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Summary0001070: allow to disable email notifications when event participants change

In certain situations (or, certain use scenarios at some organizations) email notifications generated by SOGo and sent to all event participants when event details are changed, in particular when participants are added or removed from an original event, can cause a lot of traffic that is considered "noise" by the recipients.

Typically, the individual participants just need to know about changes that concern their personal attendance of the event (time changes, location changes), but it is not of interest to them to get unsolicited notifications about participants that get added to the event, etc. This becomes disruptive in particular with meetings where larger numbers of participants are added or removed frequently.

I propose to make notifications about these kinds of changes optional by introducing a corresponding configuration option.

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Subject: Re: [SOGo] disable email notifications when event participants change?
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2011 09:04:15 -0500
From: Francis Lachapelle

Hi David

On Jan 5, 2011, at 1:58 PM, David Ochel wrote:

This might be a naive question, but I'm not very familiar with the
configuration of SOGo... Is it possible to disable email notifications
to event participants in cases where attendees to an event are
added/removed? I can see how these notifications can be useful in
certain scenarios, but in others they create a lot of unwanted

No. You can only disable all notifications related to events (with

Thanks for the quick reply! Would it be appropriate for me to add a
feature request for this?

Sure. I think it wouldn't go against the standards to offer such an option.
Here's an extract from RCF 2446 (iTIP): Updating or Reconfirmation of an Event

The "Organizer" of an event may also send unsolicited "REQUEST"
methods. The unsolicited "REQUEST" methods may be used to update the
details of the event without rescheduling it, to update the
"partstat" parameter of "Attendees", or to reconfirm the event.


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