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0001057SOGoWeb Preferencespublic2011-06-23 13:24
Reportergpalmer Assigned Toludovic  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.3.3 
Target Version1.3.8 
Summary0001057: Alternate imap folder separators in sieve

Sieve tool in mailer preferences does not use the local IMAP folder
separator but defaults to the ascending slash, '/'.

After reviewing SoObjects/Mailer/SOGoSieveConverter.m
It appears as though the only available imap folder separator is '/'

To fix this quickly and because I am unfamiliar with objective-c, I have added
the kludge line
mailbox= [mailbox stringByReplacingString: @"/" withString: @"."];
after line 463 in SoObjects/Mailer/SOGoSieveConverter.m

Additional Information

Possible Solution
It would be nice if the local IMAP folder separator were one of the Global
variables loaded from .GNUstepDefaults and used in this context.

Did not include patch. I am not that versed in obj-c.

The kludge shown effects the change I required, not a usable solution. Neither does the kludge display the correct separator in the UI, it only stores it in the sieve statement.

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2011-06-20 19:57

administrator   ~0002607

Could you let me know if that's still a problem?

The current code uses the IMAP's folder separator so it should correctly work.



2011-06-23 13:24

administrator   ~0002627

No feedback provided. Reopen if necessary.

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