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0001018SOGo Connectorwith external serverpublic2010-11-28 23:47
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Summary0001018: Contact attributes are stripped

Hello devs,

the connector really seems to be what I was looking for. It looks promising to bring good caldav support to thunderbird. But there is one problem left which might prevent usage of this addon in my installation:

It might be that this is an already known issue but I'd like to provide the results of my researches.

When I create a contact on the iPhone e.g. with multiple 'CELL' tel numbers or an 'IPHONE' number everything is OK until I do at least one change and a sync in thunderbird to the contact. Then the vcard is rewritten by the connector and all unknown/unhandled attributes are gone.

For example the multiple CELL tel numbers: The last one wins and overwrites the first one.

Or in the case of the IPHONE tel number: This type seems to be unhandled by _insertCardMethods. Though it will not be read into the contact.

If I get that right one problem is that the attributes in TB are limited and there is no mechanism to keep that unhandled attributes untouched and append them blindly on re-sync at the moment, right?

Is there any chance to get that fixed soon? I don't like to use this plugin when it 'destroys' some of the contact information.

Thanks in advance!

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Used software:

Thunderbird 3.1.6
Inverse SOGo connector 3.104
iOS 4.2.1

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