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0001004SOGoBackend Calendarpublic2010-12-10 14:00
Reporteralessio Assigned Toludovic  
Status resolvedResolutionwon't fix 
Product Version1.3.3 
Summary0001004: Event e-mail notification are sent to calendar owner
  • UserA has a shared CalendarA
  • UserB create a new event on Calendar A and invites UserC
  • UserC received an e-mail from UserA
  • UserC confirms partecipation but notification is sent to UserA
  • But the organizer is UserB

UserC is confuse, he received notification fron UserA and answer to UserA.
But the organizer is UserB

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2010-11-22 12:16

administrator   ~0001878

This is by design.

The Organizer in the above scenario is UserA. UserB is only the "SENTBY" attribute of the user.



2010-11-22 15:19

reporter   ~0001883

Then, by design, the Organizer of the event is ALWAYS calendar's owner.
Not who create the event and invites attendees. This "by design" features, can be modified from who create the event?
In most of my case user "admin" is the owner of most of shared calendar, and the organizer is often another user, secretary or others..
I think that SENTBY is ok, but who create an event should be the owner/organizer of the event or almost creator should can change "the Organizer of the event". For received notification, for change "from header" of notification to attendees..



2010-11-22 15:20

administrator   ~0001884

By design, the organizer is always the owner of the calendar.

This cannot be changed.

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