Scheduled For Release 2014-06-01
0005615: [Web Mail] Big Endian support (sebastien)
0002179: [Web Calendar] Missing RDATE support in timezones
0002168: [Web Mail] Proper multiple identity support for the LDAPSource
0002336: [Web General] Meeting Alarms triggered at wrong times
0002180: [Web Calendar] Unable to export shared calendar
0002607: [Web Calendar] Notification popups for read-only calendars
0002615: [Packaging (Debian)] Exec right not applied on backup script (so cron doesn't work)
0001693: [Web Calendar] tasks: DATE-type dates are shifted
0002245: [Web Calendar] Invisible Event
0002280: [Web Calendar] Web calendar invite attendees free/busy time differs from normal calendar
0002102: [SOPE] Review and potentially re-integrate recent optimizations
0002312: [Backend Mail] Impossible to remove a or read a folder with particular symbol. (jraby)
0002257: [Backend Address Book] "mapping" doesn't overwrite existing values (francis)
0002298: [Backend Calendar] HTTP Error 404 when uploading ICS files using CalDAV containing 'folded' / split-up UTF-8 characters (jraby)
0001047: [Backend Mail] lowercase-header-files triggers spam filters (ludovic)
0002599: [with SOGo] Duplicate calendar notifications (ludovic)
0001959: [Backend Calendar] Misleading HTTP response code when icalendar sequence number incorrect (ludovic)
0002421: [Backend Calendar] Infinite \ on participant when modify an event (ludovic)
0002080: [SOPE] dovecot: use of long commands (ludovic)
0002601: [Web Preferences] Change password in Web Preferences (ludovic)
0002588: [OpenChange backend] crash when sending an event via e-mail (ludovic)
0002151: [SOPE] iCal property parameter values are not escaped properly (ludovic)
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