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0001716SOGo ConnectorGUIpublic2021-06-17 14:36
ReporterPander Assigned Toludovic  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version10.0 
Summary0001716: Add-on does not not update automatically

Add-on does not not update automatically.

One has to manually download with Firefox, which is not so easy for inexperienced users since Firefox will attempt to install the add-on itself.

Automated updating from Thunderbird is not working and should be fixed in order to offer the latest release automatically.

Tagsthunderbird, upgrade


has duplicate 0002206 resolvedludovic SOGo Connector Does not Automatically Update 
has duplicate 0003172 assignedludovic Submit add-on to AMO for security review 
has duplicate 0004254 closedludovic Please provide automatic update mechanism 




2012-03-21 13:28

reporter   ~0003613

Please consider publishing the Mozilla add-ons also on

This will enable esaier installation and upgrading and more exposure since peple can include the add-ons in their favorite collections.

Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2012-03-22 09:38

developer   ~0003617

Workaround is to use Integrator too.

But this is not easy for inexperienced users too, as you have to edit the add-on by hand, in order to get it working.



2012-12-19 11:53

reporter   ~0005075

I had to do a manual de-installation of 10 and manual installation of 17. Please fix this as more and more people unknowingly will get stuck with old software. Automated updating is expected behaviour for almost all add-ons.



2014-04-22 08:22

reporter   ~0006937

Unfortunately this is still broken in version 24.0.4. Many users will stay unintended on old versions because of this.



2014-04-22 12:11

reporter   ~0006940

Please consider releasing new releases via enabling easier updates and a wider audience.



2014-10-24 13:22

reporter   ~0007624

I second Pander's request. I would be great if we could receive automatic updates of SOGO Connector through

Could someone from Inverse inc. explain why you do not publish your Thunderbird addons on Mozilla's platform?



2015-07-20 14:09

reporter   ~0008738

Could this please move forward after all these years of non-automated updates? Thanks.

Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2015-08-12 07:37

developer   ~0008805

Just as Information.
Mozilla will start to warn about unsigned add-ons with the next version of Firefox.

As Thunderbird is based on the same engine, this will surely happen for Thunderbird extensions too in the near future.



2017-01-29 09:14

reporter   ~0011246

This seems like a really important step forward. It makes it easier for new users to find the add-on. It gives users greater confidence that the add-on is safe to use. It makes installation easier and safer. It enables auto-update.

Please can we have some response from the maintainers? Is there any reason why this cannot go forward? Is there anything we can do to help?

If the maintainers don't have time to manage this, it seems as if someone could volunteer to do it. The volunteer could upload the current version to, and then upload a new release there whenever SOGo releases one.



2018-11-14 14:29

reporter   ~0013181

Just discovered again the installed add-on was again half year old and needed to update manually. Which is not easy, as Firefox tries to install the link to the xpi file itself. Not-that-technical people will have a challenge with it and can understandably stop using this add-on.

How is the signing process going forward? When Sogo manages to successfully close this issue, it will most probably increase the number of users of this add-on and the number of customers they have.



2021-06-17 14:36

reporter   ~0015319

The signing of extensions is now common good and preferably done by the original author. Place to upload is now

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