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0001699SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2014-04-01 11:31
Reporterthierry Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version1.3.12 
Summary0001699: Post unseenCount Aborted when entering webmail tab

From iceweasel 10.0.2 (firefox repacked by Debian),
when some users (not all) try to go to the webmail tab, display freezes during 5 minutes. The browser becomes completely frozen. We do some debug on the client side by using Firebug (see attachement) : the unseeCount is always the one which don't complete. I think firefox timeout after 5 minutes, and after all is ok.

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related to 0000948 new the "unseenCount" method is costly 


2012-03-15 12:20


sogo-unseenCount-bug.png (245,574 bytes)   
sogo-unseenCount-bug.png (245,574 bytes)   


2012-07-16 13:35

administrator   ~0004158

What's the IMAP server you're using?

Activate all the SOGo debugging preferences (see the FAQ for this) and send the sogod.log file when this happens.

2012-09-04 13:32


sogo.log (874,043 bytes)


2012-09-04 13:34

reporter   ~0004423

IMAP Server is Cyrus Imap 2.2.13 (the one of Debian Squeeze (stable) release).
I activated all debugging preferences and join the log file.



2012-09-04 13:40

reporter   ~0004426

Same issue when using Iceweasel 10.0.7 (from Debian wheezy).
We use Cas Auth (pam-cas for imapd service).
Almost all users have no problem at all. Only the ones, which have a really big mailbox (150 K files in about 4 K directories). Is it a problem ?
I think that firefox does not handle well the answer to the unseenCount POST, but why?



2012-09-19 13:15

administrator   ~0004489

With 4K directories, Firefox or any other web browser probably takes minutes to render the view. Moreover, your IMAP server is probably very slow at returning the unseen count for such large user mailbox.



2012-09-20 13:07

administrator   ~0004500

Instead of doing a STATUS call on mailboxes (many, potentially), we could use LIST-EXTENDED and ask for the status.

This works with recent version of Dovecot and Cyrus v2.5. It would also be beneficial to SOGo's native Outlook compatibility support.



2012-09-25 07:35

reporter   ~0004540

I unsubscribed to all my archives tree (which is nearly the same tree as INBOX, plus one folder by year and one by month, so big number of folders). unseenCount takes now about 1s, which is "costly" (like said in related bug 948), but functional.

LIST-EXTENDED seems to work with cyrus form 2.4 version (, not only from 2.5.



2012-09-25 10:50

administrator   ~0004541

LIST-EXTENDED for UNSEEN COUNT, what I'm talking about, isn't available in v2.4



2014-04-01 11:27

reporter   ~0006813

Ok, please consider to code the feature using LIST-EXTENDED for UNSEEN COUNT.



2014-04-01 11:31

administrator   ~0006814

This isn't a high-priority item for us, but if you want the feature rapidly, you could sponsor it. Contact me in private if you're interested.

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