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0001056SOGo Integratorpublic2011-06-23 20:01
ReporterFabien Assigned Towsourdeau 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.104 
Fixed in Version3.106 
Summary0001056: big subscription dialog for Windows 7

Only on Windows 7, often the subscription dialog (for sharing addressbooks or agendas) is enormous and unusable.

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has duplicate 0001326 closed subscribe window in integrator exceeds height of screen 


2010-12-16 13:26


big_subscription_dialog.png (158,396 bytes)   
big_subscription_dialog.png (158,396 bytes)   
Stefan Helms

Stefan Helms

2011-05-30 14:58

reporter   ~0002511

We experience the same problem using Thunderbird 3.1.9 with SOGo Integrator/Connector 3.105 and Lightning 1.0b2.105i.

Closing the window with [ESC] and trying again sometimes solves the problem (temporarily). This is really a BIG nuisance!



2011-06-14 17:29

reporter   ~0002573

I've seen this too, its makes Windows 7 users very unhappy as there is no way to use the huge dialog box that is presented. I've haven't seen it on any other os systems, only Windows 7



2011-06-14 17:30

reporter   ~0002574

It also presents a huge dialog box when trying to subcribe to a different calendar via lightning and connector buttons



2011-06-22 14:27

administrator   ~0002620

We generated new extensions with a fix for this (by changing the type of dialogs).

Can you test them?



2011-06-23 09:28

reporter   ~0002623

I've installed the newer alpha addons to an existing windows 7 install. Unfortunately (for whatever reason the add icons aren't coming up to show 'Add calendars', and I'm not getting any errors in the Error Console. Previously these icons appeared fine.

Also, I still get the huge dialog box when trying to share my calendar



2011-06-23 09:52

reporter   ~0002624

I've tested too, and no problems with icons, but the huge dialog box is always present.



2011-06-23 20:01

viewer   ~0002632

The fix will be available in the next nightly builds.

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