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0002456SOGoBackend Generalpublic2016-12-21 16:17
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Product Version2.0.7 
Summary0002456: Calendar and address book acl to user doesn't work if users have primary groups with same name (posixgroup)

We use LDAP posix scheme where each user is given it's own primary group
of the same name. There are also mail aliases in LDAP.

SOGo is setup with two LDAP user sources, one for users
(&(objectclass=gosaMailAccount)(uid=)), and one for mail aliases
)). That work great.

Sharing of calendars and address books for mail groups are working is

But, If I want to share calendar or address book for specific user, I
search for it, SOGo finds it and shows as a user which is Ok, I click
add and close both windows. Then if I open permission window again - the
user is shown as group. In the database this acl is written as "@user"
which means group.

I've looked what ldap queries are made on each step and found:

  • when I look for user the are two queries, one is looking for group
    (ANDed with search filter for groups) and second looking for user (ANDed
    with search filter for users. This is how it should work.
  • When I found user and click to add it SOGo "forgets" that she already
    know the object is a user and makes two (or one) more queries like
  • first: (cn=user)
  • second: (uid=user)

Note there is NO filter ANDed. In my case it finds primary group "user"
for user "user".

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2016-12-21 16:17

administrator   ~0011073

Old bug, not much evidences provided.

If the bug is still present, provide LDIF entries of users and groups and your SOGo configuration.

This behaviour is likely due to a broken configuration.

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