Released 2018-07-10
0004471: [Web Mail] Body contents are not displayed in some messages (francis)
0004475: [Web Mail] Text disappears where focus is remove (francis)
0004501: [Web Preferences] Regression with (francis)
0004339: [Web Calendar] Deleted repeated events reapears with same configuration after adding more repeated days (francis)
0004492: [Web Mail] Some html messages: part of their body is not displayed (francis)
0004478: [Web Mail] Global search for webmail in SOGo 4.x.x (francis)
0004461: [GUI] Mail filter: "Flag the message with" missing default labels (francis)
0004385: [sogo-tool] Sogo-tool deletes sogo_acl table when it restores folders from a user backup (francis)
0004256: [sogo-tool] sogo-tool (SOGo-3.2.10) cannot fully restore backup generated by SOGo-2.3.22 (francis)
0004442: [Backend Address Book] Unable to add new Contact to MySQL-Backend. (ludovic)
0004456: [Web Calendar] Can't save a Task in Calendar, nothing happens. (francis)
0004389: [Web Mail] Cannot paste base64 image (francis)
0004422: [ActiveSync] Outlook 2016 does a full mailbox re-sync couple of times a day (ludovic)
0004313: [Web Calendar] LAST-MODIFIED property is not modified on attendees actions (ludovic)
0004004: [Web Mail] UTF-8 Emojis in message body not parsed (ludovic)
0004396: [Web Mail] Webmail move inbox to Trash folder (ludovic)
0004351: [ActiveSync] Calendar Alarms / Reminders gets not synced from Desktop to Mobile Activesync Clients (ludovic)
0003446: [SOPE] Stuck processses sogod, high CPU, no syscall : infinite loop while reading SSL socket (ludovic)
0004394: [Web Preferences] userPasswordAlgorithm problem (ludovic)
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